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The Art of Street wear

We put our heart into our Caps.

The Flat Cap

The Art of Street Wear


Styles For Miles

Dad Hat

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Flat bills

Curved Bill

Foam Truckers

A 70's Icon

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Winter Is HERE

Facemasks made tougher than the weather. Some of the most versatile cold weather masks available...


The Raider

This is the mask that started it all.

In 2007, around the time snowboarder Shawn White was taking the world by storm, I bought a sewing machine and made the first Grace Folly facemask. It was just for me and my buddies. The idea was born out of the need for a mask that was breathable and waterproof, and we were all tired of the same old Neoprene masks that are still around today. Many years later, The Raider is still our favorite mask and I'm sure the same for thousands of others. From motorcyclists, snow sports enthusiasts, ATV riders to Bicyclists. The love and support of everyone is what brought us to where we are now. We appreciate everyone who has supported us on this journey.

Massive Thank YOU!

"It was the goal, with my passion for art & design, to create the best mask possible. The Raider is the culmination of all that work"

– Sam - Lead Designer

Second in Command

The Balarocker

Half Raider, Half Balaclava. 100% Covered

Riders on the storm

The Perfect Riding Mask