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Designing, Developing and Creating the Finest Face Mask Possible



Has always been our key feature since the beginning. You’ll be able to breathe easier and freer than ever before while staying protected from whatever weather you encounter. Stay riding at your best, having unrestricted airflow and ventilation and no longer have the annoying hassle of fogged up goggles.

Cinch in a Pinch

Keeping the cold harsh weather outside is what you’re after and this incredible, yet simple feature will have you surprised by its effectiveness. Cinching up the mask will make it contour to your face and neck, giving you full wrap around insulating protection Easily done in just a pinch.

Your Nose

It is not flat so why should your mask be. Our masks have an angled nose piece that will increase your comfort and keeps your mask stable and in place. The nosepiece along with our innovative pull straps will have you feeling completely protected and comfortable.
Contouring the mask to fit your face the way a face mask should, Comfortably.